To inoculate the electrotherapeutic approach for getting faster, finer results and hence it leads to healthy and pain-free life for patients.


  1. To acquire the knowledge about the physiology of pain, Pain pathways & Methods of pain modulation, selection of appropriate modality for Pain modulations.
  2. To describe the Physiological effects, Therapeutic uses, indication & contraindications of various Low/ Medium & High-Frequency modes / Actinotherapy
  3. Describe the Physiological Effects & therapeutic uses of various therapeutic ions & topical pharmaco-therapeutic agents to be used for the application of iontophoresis & sono/ phonophoresis
  4. To acquire the skills of application of the Electrotherapy modes on models, for the purpose of Assessment & Treatment.
  5. To acquire an ability to select the appropriate mode as per the tissue-specific &area specific application.