Community Physiotherapy

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Community Physiotherapy


Dr. Shweta Sodha Asso .Professor MPTh Community Physiotherapy


Dr. Kanchan Gupta AssistantProfessor MPT Community Physiotherapy


To encourage and ensure the application of community physiotherapy program that is not limited to specific conditions and dysfunctions but contribute towards health promotion and rehabilitation in communities like geriatric, women’s health and industrial therapy.


  1. a) Students are able to the evaluation of disability and planning for prevention and rehabilitation in urban and rural setup.
  2. b) Students able to be a part of decision-making team regarding the policies for the welfare of special communities & on issues of disability.
  3. c) Be able to identify with clinical reasoning the prevailing contextual {e.g. environmental and psycho-social cultural} factors, causing high risk responsible for various dysfunctions and morbidity related to sedentary lifestyle and specific community like women, children, aged as well as industrial workers and describe planning strategies of interventional policies to combat such problems at community level.
  4. d) Be able to gain the ability to collaborate with other health professionals for effective service delivery & community satisfaction
  5. e) Utilize the research methodology knowledge for the formulation of a research question (synopsis)