Physiotherapy Oath



In the presence of my colleagues, friends, families, and teachers, and in view of the honored profession I am entering into, I solemnly and willingly state that I dedicate myself to the following:


  • I will practice physical therapy with compassion for the vulnerabilities in each of my patients and will work to preserve their dignity and promote their health and welfare.
  • I will value the lives of my patients as I value my own life, through my concern for their significance and with respect for them and the confidential nature of our relationship.
  • I will be humble.
  • I recognize my limitations and will continue to consult with my colleagues and co-workers for knowledge with which I can better treat my patients and for the inspiration to expand and augment my education.
  • I will share my knowledge with my colleagues and patients freely, with compassion and patience.
  • I will work toward the improvement of the quality of life for all of my patients.
  • I will honor the choices that my patients make with respect to their wishes and needs.
  • I will do no harm to another human.
  • I will work to improve the practice of physical therapy so that all who seek it will receive treatment which is proper, ethical and just.
  • I will not allow my judgment regarding the practice of my profession to be influenced by race, creed, religion, greed or unethical behavior.
  • I will expect the same behavior from my colleagues and co-workers.


Thus, with this oath, I freely accept the obligations and rewards which will accompany my practice of physical therapy.